Обектив’s Review of MANOWAR’s Show in Sofia, Bulgaria on June 16, 2019

June 24, 2019

Almost a decade after their last visit to Bulgaria, the Manowar Metal Kings have once again come to their home scene to bring a titanic concert, to put it mildly. The months before the event, the tour was announced as a farewell and accordingly titled “The Final Battle”. The hearts of the fans were broken … but Joey DeMaio and company did announce that MANOWAR’s tour was not the last, on the contrary, the band is preparing new material, a new album, new concerts … We pray you, do not you scare us like this! 🙂

In recent years, all sorts of rock and metal names have appeared in Bulgaria, but when it comes to world-class stars, this show was on a whole different level. Because MANOWAR is undoubtedly one of the greatest musical luminaries in history – few groups can reach their popularity among different ages, genders and nationalities around the world.

What happened exactly in the evening of June 16 in Arena Armeec Hall?  It is hard to describe in words. The 120-minute fire show of the group began with the song “Manowar” from the band’s debut album “Battle Hymns” from 1982. The sound was murderous, the scene was a forge located amid bloody volcanoes, scattered bones and skeletons (apparently forgotten characters !) around where “Manowar” raged like a whirlwind of steel. One after another, the metal hymns – “Brothers of Metal”, “Blood of My Enemies”, “Warriors of the World”, “Fighting the World”, “Hail & Kill”, songs that made the blood boil, are tense and the audience erupts like a single powerful army.

Hardly anyone doubted that MANOWAR would bring the best of their work to their Bulgarian fans. But they did even more. Twelve years after his cult visit to Kavarna, during which vocalist Erik Adams performed the Bulgarian anthem, the tale was repeated. And with what power and emotion! The audience paused, disbelieving, then stood up and sang in with the Kings of Metal “Gorda Stara Planina …”.

Fire and steel, dragons and warriors leading sacred wars – epic scenes played on a huge screen during each of the songs that performed “Manowar”! The audience wanted more and more, the stage was dying and boiling, and one after another, immortal compositions – “Call to Arms”, “Swords in the Wind”, “The Power of Thy Sword” were shot, until the panting “Black Wind, Fire & Steel” and bitter separation; thankfully, not forever!

Other bands play, MANOWAR kills!

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Photo: (c) 2019 Magic Circle Entertainment
Photo: (c) 2019 Magic Circle Entertainment
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